Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Geology Test Giveaway!

Ok. So I'm really pumped about passing my ROCK test. I've got to make this A. My poor teacher is Russian and can hardly speak English. Thank GOD he writes all of his notes on the board. I've got a LOAD of random formulas to memorize...but now I know that a diamond's formula is C (Carbon). Hopefully I'll get me some carbon soon!

Anyways. I'm having a contest. If I make an A on my test, I'm giving away a free Character Charm to those who comment on this blog. You can wish me luck or say 'oooo meee!' I don't care. If I get that A. Someone is getting a charm. If I get a B. One lucky person will win a robot in whatever color they wish. I'll be doing an old fashioned ''pull a name out of the hat" drawing to be fair.

Comment on THIS blog to enter!


  1. good luck!!! i know you'll do great, your determination is inspiring :)

  2. Good luck-I'm sure you'll do fine. :)

  3. Good luck, and hope you're feeling better for your next test!! :)